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So You want to start a Blog or may have any question about it. Well, you are in right place.  Here I will deal with each and every step to start a blog without any technical knowledge. You don’t need to be Coder or Programmer. It will just take just 5 minutes to start a blog. You can get answers to common questions that arise in your mind about starting a blog.

Well, Before starting a blog you should be prepared. You don’t need to be a great programmer neither you need to play with any code. You should be sure about the niche of your blog. 

How to start a blog

Steps to Start a Blog

Here are 7 steps to make you easily understandable for starting a blog. 

  1. Why Should you Start a Blog?
  2. Choosing What to Blog About
  3. Choosing Blogging Platform
  4. Choosing Web Host
  5. Choosing Domain
  6. Installing WordPress
  7. Designing your Blog

Why Should You Start a Blog?

A blog is an informational website updated at regular interval with the latest article. The blog could be on any topics. Blogging not only means to own a website, but you have to update it with the latest information at a regular interval. Blog not only increase your knowledge but also you can grow your audiences with a discussion on topics. Eventually, you can earn money as well.

10 reasons to Start a Blog

  1. Build Audiences – Providing valuable Information
  2. Self-promotion – Platform to promote yourself
  3. Blogging improves your writing and argumentation skills
  4. It improves your confidence
  5. Personal Development
  6. Helps to learn new things, Organize your thoughts, sharpen your observations
  7. Share your Story and meet new people
  8. Boost your Business – Exposure for your Business
  9. Turn your writing passion into Blogging
  10. Last but not least, Make passive income from home from Blog

Choosing what to Blog About

Before going into detail on starting a blog, you need to decide what to blog about. Don’t be confused, be straightforward towards your interest. The main theme is if your blog is on single niche then your Blog will have better search ranking.

It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging about technology, tips, and tricks, travel blog, food blogs, health blogs, insurance blogs, informational blog, etc. Everything depends upon your interest and eager to learn it more.

Choosing Blogging Platform for your Blog

I don’t want to confuse you with many Blogging Platform. There are many blogging Platforms to start a blog. Some of them are WordPress.org, Google Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, etc. Google Blogger is free to start a blog but it will be difficult to make it look like professional and managing is tough as well. You should know the coding skills. So personally I recommend you to start a blog with WordPress.org. Compare Blogger vs WordPress to know why WordPress is suitable to start a blog.

The Main Benefits of using WordPress.org is it is self-hosted (your own website), numbers of Plugins, Security, full control over the blog and expansion of business in the near future, etc. Here I will be dealing how to start a blog using self-hosted WordPress.org. Don’t get confused with WordPress.com. WordPress.com is also free for blogging but you will be bounded by different policies of the company. Moreover, you have to spend money to get premium services.

Choosing Web Host for your Blog

WordPress is the software which you can install on your personal computer as well but it is accessible to you only. Your blog won’t be accessible to the world. It won’t be accessible through Internet by the users.

To make it live on the Internet, you have to install the software on the storage device called web host. Web Host is the storage part of your Blog. It is accessible all around the world through a certain name called Domain Name.

There are many Web host company which provide you the services. But I personally recommend SiteGround to start a blog.

Choosing SiteGround Web Host for your blog

SiteGround Web Host Company started its service since 2004. The service of SiteGround is trusted by more than 1.7 million domain owners worldwide. The main reason for choosing SiteGround Web Host is that it is clear about providing services.

The Main SEO Factor in 2018 about website is its Speed and SiteGround provide awesome speed to your site.

7 Reasons for Choosing SiteGround Web Host

  1. Recommended by WordPress and Trusted by 1.7 million domain Owners Worldwide
  2. 24X7 ticket support, Live Support, and Phone Support
  3. Fast, Reliable Hardware and 99.99% Uptime
  4. SSD Drive for all web hosting Plans
  5. Free SSL Certificates
  6. Managed WordPress sites easy: one-click install, managed updates, SuperCacher, Free Site Transfer, 30 days money-back guarantee
  7. Latest technology, SuperCacher, SSD Drive make the WordPress Site Faster and Secure than other Web Host company

Choosing Domain name for your Blog

Domain name is the unique name of the web address to locate your blog. You have full right to choose your own domain name. But domain name should be unique. It means that your domain name should not match others. Have your own brand name as a domain name.

Domain name should be short and easy to remember. Domain name should reflect the topic of your blog so that visitors can easily know about the Blog. Moreover, Domain name plays vital role in SEO Ranking. The more old the domain is the more value in SEO ranking will be. Older Domain names are expensive.

How to install WordPress on SiteGround

Installing WordPress on SiteGround is quite an easy Process. You need to create an account on SiteGround. You have to invest money for Web hosting and domain name. If you pay for 3 years at once, then you can save a lot of money. Here I will deal to start a blog with SiteGround Web Host Company.

How to Start a blog with SiteGround

Click on the Banner above. You will get the 60% discount of regular price on Startup Plan and 70% discount off regular Price on GrowBig Plan on SiteGround.

SiteGround Different Plans
Different WordPress Plans on SiteGround

SiteGround Web Hosting company is clear about their service. It is clearly defined that StartUp plan is suitable for 10,000 visitors monthly. The Speed of your Blog won’t get degrade up to 10,000 visitors. SiteGround can handle 100 visitors simultaneously at the same speed. For WordPress Blog, 2-3 GB is sufficient and 10 GB space will be enough for you to host your blog. Startup Plan comes with level 1 SuperCacher to speed up your Blog.

Similarly, GrowBig Plan is suitable for 25,000 visitors monthly. It comes with 20 GB web space. GrowBig Plan comes with level 3 SuperCacher which loads your blog at blazing speed. GrowBig Plan offers free Site Transfer. You can learn about the full features of different plans on SiteGround.

Looking at Both StartUp and GrowBig Plan, you can decide yourself in selecting the plan. Personally, I recommend to Go for StartUp Plan if you are a beginner on Blogging But if you want more services then GrowBig Plan would be better. Now decide the plan and click on Get Started.

Registering Domain Name on SiteGround
Registering Domain name on SiteGround

After Clicking on Get Started, you have to register a Domain Name. If you have bought a domain name from other domain registrars, you can use it too. The new domain registration on SiteGround will charge you but for the already registered domain, you won’t be charged. After entering the domain name, Click on PROCEED.

SiteGround Sign up Form
SiteGround Sign up Form

Now Fill up the Form. Enter the detail information about yourself and Click on Pay Now. It is better to choose 36 months plan because it will be cheaper for you. If 12 months get expired you will be charged at regular price. This happens on every hosting company.

You have successfully created an account on SiteGround. Now it’s time to install WordPress on it.

Click on My Account on SiteGround
Click on My Accounts

Log into your newly created account and click on my accounts as marked in the fig above.

Click on Go to CPanel
Go to Cpanel

To install WordPress installation, click on Go to cPanel.

Click on WordPress
Click on WordPress

You have to choose the software from auto installers. Click on WordPress to install WordPress.

Click on Install
Click on Install

Click on Install to configure the details of your blog dashboard.

Choose the registered domain name
Choose the registered domain name

Choose the newly created domain name from drop down button. Let the protocol be same.

Change the default value
Change the Site Name, Site Description, username and Password

After choosing the domain name, Now rename the site name and site description. You can change later on as well.

Enter Admin Username and Admin Password. You can’t change username later on.

Start the WordPress installation
Click install to begin install

After configuring the form, click on install at the bottom of the page. It will begin the installation process. Wait for some time to finish installation.

Click on the URL to enter your blog dashboard
Click on the URL to enter your blog dashboard

After finishing the installation of WordPress, click on the Administrative URL to enter to your blog dashboard where you can configure your blog. When you click on the administrative URL, you will be prompted to enter the username and password. Enter the username and password entered above in the WordPress installation process.

Designing Your Blog

After you have successfully installed WordPress. You have your blog ready. Now designing blog involves directly from your website. It involves installing the themes for your Blog which will give professional looks to your blog. Moreover, you can install plugins to manage your blog.

You can find free WordPress Theme as well but if your concern about the speed of your blog, then you should invest some money on the theme as well which will make your blog SEO friendly, fastest and secure.

Click on Above Banner to buy premium WordPress theme. For newbies, you must buy it because it provides you with login account which teach each and everything about theme installation and customization. Genesis theme is the one of the most used WordPress Theme by WordPress User. It is Mobile friendly, responsive, SEO ready and Adsense ready theme. Genesis comes with child theme which will protect your manual change in theme and provides you with free updates.

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