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Welcome to my Site, Bloggingnerd.com – Start a blog, SEO, Tech review, blogger templates, make money, Affiliate marketing, Themes. Let me introduce myself. I am Anil, currently studying engineering. I am fond of writing Blog and doing research on articles and provide facts to the audiences. I like sharing the ideas with others. I want to provide the benefits and ways of blogging to the success and want to inspire others towards blogging. Keep visiting the blog

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This Blog has been built to provide guidelines to the Newbies on How to start a blog, SEO, Making money online with different means through blogging, Starting your own blogging business, guide on Affiliate marketing, etc. This blog provides the information doing on different research and by using the services itself. So, visitors don’t need to worry about it. It provides guidelines for each and every step to start a blog and make money through it.

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